PAP Smear Procedure & Testing

Pap smear testing has a major role in early detection & diagnosis of cervical cancers. Pap smear testing is now a routine part of cancer screening & routine health check-ups. We at Parikshan offer conventional as well as liquid- based cytology (LBC) both for accurate assessment of PAP smear.

We at Parikshan aim to perform procedures with highest accuracy & efficacy with shortest possible turn-around time. In Pap smear testing procedure, sample is collected from the cervix (opening of uterus leading to vagina) with the help of spatula/brush and depending upon the method used; processed accordingly. The cells are examined at a microscopic level which might show early changes due to HPV infection. It takes a very long time for these precancerous cells to develop into an actual invasive carcinoma stage. If detected early, management decisions can be taken at the right time. The pap smear testing helps in detection of early changes of cervical cancer which is one of the most leading cause of cancer death in women. Liquid based cytology procedure also incorporates HPV testing which means testing for Human papilloma virus which is the causative virus for carcinoma of the cervix.

Early detection of cervical cancer is extremely important as it leads to better outcomes with reduced morbidity and mortality.

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