Cancer Second Opinion

It is very crucial to be 100 per cent sure when the diagnosis of cancer is offered. Diagnosis of cancer at the right time helps oncologists to take further management decisions.

There are several modalities of treatments offered for cancers & they depend upon several factors including type & stage of the disease. We at Parikshan offer various diagnostic & prognostic tests for confirmation of cancer.

Samples received in the lab are critically analysed at all the steps to provide best possible information to the oncologists that aid in further decision making. For second opinion test, patients need to submit the slides & or blocks from the laboratory where the sample was processed earlier. Along with it, it is important to submit related clinical information and previous reports to tally details & number on the slides/blocks. Apart from routine haematoxylin & eosin staining, we also perform special stains & immunohistochemistry as per requirement of the case and requests received from the referring doctors. We provide second opinion on biopsies & surgical resections of all types.

Exclusive focus on Histopathology, Cytology & IHC